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Kamus Lengkap - English N' Indonesia Dictionary

Available now! Kamus Lengkap is a very popular, easy to use and complete digital dictionary. It supports English - Indonesian, Indonesian - English, words, phrases, pronunciations, regular and irregular verb features including infinitive, simple past, past participle and the meaning in Indonesian. This app is a speech-enabled app. It supports English and Indonesian speech voice and text pronunciations in 8 dialects (English (United States), English (United Kingdom), English (Australia), English (India), English (Ireland), English (South Africa), English (Scotish Standard English), and Indonesian (Indonesia)). You can change the voices under the Advanced Preferences menu of this app.

Kamus Lengkap Quiz Game

The interactive quiz game edition of Kamus Lengkap is now available on this platform. Play the game and compete your score with your friends on Game Center. Playing this game is an excellent fun way to improve your English vocabulary and your Indonesian vocabulary. If you know the answer? Great! If not, it's even better! You just learned a new word, so you can not lose and nothing to lose! “Bermain game ini adalah cara bermain sambil belajar yang sangat baik untuk mengembangkan kosa kata Bahasa Inggris dan kosa kata Bahasa Indonesia anda. Jika Anda tau jawabannya? Hebat! Jika tidak, bahkan itu lebih bagus! Anda baru saja mempelajari kata baru, jadi Anda tidak mungkin kalah dan tidak rugi!”

Black Star Space Shooter

Your spaceship is trapped in the black star space that is full of enemies. It is besieged and under attacked. Your duty is to destroy all of the enemies. Can you win and survive?

Iqra for Kid

Iqra for Kid helps you or your children learn to read the Quran. It teaches you to recognize: Arabic Alphabets. Arabic Numbers. Basic Arabic Reading. Advanced Arabic Reading. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 1. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 2. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 3. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 4.

Muslim Kid Games

Muslim Kid Games is an educational game pack that helps you or your children to know salat times, wudhu, salat movements, Arabic alphabets and numbers, and iqra using fun gaming approaches: Sorting games (Learning by sorting Arabic numbers, salat times, wudhu sequences, and sequence of salat movements). Matching games (Learning by matching Arabic alphabets and numbers). Listening and quiz games (Listening and testing your iqra skill and/or your children’s iqra skill). Hidden object games (Learning by searching for hidden iqra).

First App for Kid

Let children play alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, and so much more. Unwittingly, your children will be more intelligent, smart, and understand 9 languages and 15 dialects ​​simultaneously with native accent and voice of each country. First App for Kid teaches your children to recognize: Alphabets. Numbers. Shapes. Colours. Fruits. Animals. Transportation. Furniture in 9 languages (English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish) and 15 dialects (English (United States), English (United Kingdom), English (Australia), English (India), English (Ireland), English (South Africa), English (Scotish Standard English), French (France), German (Germany), Indonesian (Indonesia), Italian (Italy), Dutch (Netherlands), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Spain), Turkish (Turkey)).

Malin Kundang Legend

Malin Kundang Legend teaches and reminds us to be grateful to our parents. Malin Kundang (also called Si Tanggang or Nakhoda Manis) is a Southeast Asian folktale about retribution on an ungrateful son. In Indonesia, the story is called Malin Kundang, and the legend is based in West Sumatra. Air Manis, a beach near Padang, has a rock formation called Batu Malin Kundang that is said to be the remains of his ship. This app presents both Malin Kundang story book and Malin Kundang quiz game. Available in English and Bahasa Indonesia that you can switch under the Settings menu.

Evil House - The Adventure of Miranda

A female detective named Miranda is on her business trip out of town, and she makes a stop in an eerie village. There is no single residence’s house except for one mysterious old uninhabited house. Legend has it that there used to be violence in the house, that it is now haunted. Everyone trying to enter the house always ends up killed. Miranda gathers all her courage to enter the house, and reveal the evil and cruelty that took place. Will she make it out alive? You will play as Miranda in this survival horror game. Help her to destroy all the devils and to exit from the haunted house alive by exploring an eerie village, mysterious old uninhabited house, fatal underground rooms in the midnight.

Acak Kata - Smart Word Shuffle

Hours of fun guaranteed! This game is well designed to entertain and to accompany you relax. Take a cup of coffee, chocolate, or whatever you like and enjoy playing this game. Hopefully you cheerful! Acak Kata - Smart Word Shuffle is a smart word Shuffle game that makes learning vocabularies more fun! It is a very good game that will help you to improve your vocabulary skills. Select the game mode, make as many words as possible and as quickly as possible from the supplied letters in the colorful boxes, to fill all the lines of the empty word slots. This game has 360 unique challenging levels (180 unique English levels + 180 unique Indonesian levels) in two unique challenging game modes!

StackMatch 2 Treasure Hunter

StackMatch 2: Treasure Hunter is totally addicting puzzle matching game. Get it now and don't miss out! Collect as many gems as possible to help James, a treasure-hunter and archeologist, embark on a quest for riches through Egypt. In the timetrial mode you must do this as quickly as possible. Be careful! Each layout level has different timer level that will tick down. Use your strategy when matching the gems on the stacks to solve all those puzzles.

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